Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ who Stu Carpenter is covering for in murder twist

Yasmeen Nazir, the matriarch of Coronation Street, was shocked to learn that Stu had served 27 years in prison for the death of a lady.

Yasmeen didn’t want to hear Stu’s justifications as he sought to maintain his innocence because she had herself been the victim of violence and had been tormented by her ex-husband Geoff Metcalfe.

In upcoming episodes, Zeedan, Yasmeen’s grandson, starts to look into Stu and suspects he might be speaking the truth. Will he discover that Stu is stepping in for someone close to him as he digs deeper?

The following week, Zeedan learns from Craig Tinker that the detective who was charged with persecuting people retired early and he requests further details.

Soon after, Zeedan visits Stu in jail to get his perspective on the situation.

Zeedan agrees to look for the case files that Stu claims could show his innocence.

The proprietor of Speed Daal enters the politician’s office and approaches Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) for assistance.

Zeedan’s betrayal infuriates Yasmeen, yet he continues on with his mission despite her outrage.

Later, when Adam and Zeedan meet, Adam confirms that they can view Stu’s case files, but only for a fee of £1200.

Zeedan hesitantly agrees to ask his sister Alya (Sair Khan) for financial assistance.

Then, bracing themselves for what they might discover about Stu, they make their way to Adam’s.

Fans of Coronation Street have been quick to formulate their views about Stu’s crime, with some firmly believing that he accepted responsibility for a family member.

On Reddit, user CometStorm86 remarked on the plot: “There is no way they will introduce us to a broken but generally decent man, give him a fast redemption narrative, and then turn him into a real murderer.

“I am aware that when it came to Geoff, they led us to believe that he was a friendly, good-natured person that everyone liked, and that as Tim’s father, he had to be kind even though he wasn’t.

The daughter is likely the one who committed the crime, which is why Stu views Kelly as a surrogate daughter and attempts to protect or at least be there for her, in my opinion.

I was firmly in the “he’s covering for Bridget” camp, but Aggie Smythe said, “I don’t understand why, if that is the case, he didn’t spill to Yasmeen at last night’s crucial point, instead of rambling on about a bent copper forcing a fake confession out of him by way of throwing a half-eaten sandwich crust at him for food.

“27 years in prison seems like a lot to agree to, just out of exhaustion and hunger.”

They observed that Bridget, Stu’s daughter, didn’t appear old enough to have murdered someone.

They went on: “Bridget appeared to be in her thirties when she turned him down at her door, so even if Stu had just been released from prison and had committed the murder a few days earlier, she would have been no older than 12 or 13 at the time.

“I don’t see how the ages fit unless she was an adolescent ‘Orrible ‘Ope who killed the waitress because she accused her of stealing her father from her and her mother.

“But the fact that he perceives Kelly of all kids as a daughter – Kelly who contributed to someone’s murder – makes me assume this is about his daughter not wife,” concluded user xar-brin-0709.

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