Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ true murder suspect in Stu Carpenter DNA twist

Newcomer to Coronation Street Stu Carpenter has been struggling lately, especially since his girlfriend Yasmeen Nazir learned about his sinister history.

In the ITV serial, Yasmeen, who has had bad luck finding love, learned that Stu killed a lady 27 years ago and has been completely saddened by his lies ever since.

Stu revealed that when his wife Lucy Woodrow (Lynda Rooke) was found dead 27 years ago, he was the main suspect since he had an affair behind her back.

He continued by informing Yasmeen that he was tortured in detention and that he wasn’t given a fair trial by the government.

But everything came to a head on Wednesday night’s episode when Stu was taken into custody by Craig Tinker (Colson Smith).

Stu pleaded with Yasmeen to trust him before the arrest and tried to assert his innocence.

If you can’t forgive me for an affair I had years ago, when I should have known better, that’s fine, said Stu.

Yasmeen retorted, “You’re doing it again,” as Stu continued, “I thought we trusted each other.

“I sincerely apologize if I violated that trust by withholding information about the worst accident of my life from you.”

Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar) and Craig suddenly stormed into the living room as Stu tried to continue.

How did you gain access? Before pulling a key out of his pocket, Zeedan barked angrily at Stu.

However, Yasmeen realized that his watch had dropped to the ground when he did so.

“Craig yelled at Stu, “Stay right there. I’m just stating the truth. This is your final caution.”

Before the officer informed Stu that he was being arrested for disturbing the peace, Stu yelled at Craig, “You guys tormented me.”

As the events played out, viewers shared their ideas and hypotheses on social media about why Yasmeen threw Stu’s watch away.

Many people think that the watch will show who actually killed Stu’s ex-girlfriend and will establish his innocence.

Don’t bin the watch, Krissy Boi tweeted! That very likely has the DNA proof clearing Stu. I don’t see any other reason to bring it up!

“Don’t throw away his watch, “Dion continued by pleading.

I feel like the watch is etched or something, Melissa continued.

By Lilith Winchester “I can’t detest a character after Yasmeen’s history since she suffers from the general all males are to be feared syndrome.

That said, Stu needs a supporter, therefore there was no need to throw away the watch. Craig could have given it to Stu instead. (sic)

“How b****y mean Yasmeen dumping the watch in the bin,” User Monkey continued.

Teena remarked, “Putting Stu’s watch in the trash is really disgusting.

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