Coronation Street fans work out ‘predictable’ plot twist as Stephen grows closer to Audrey

Fans of Coronation Street believe they have figured out Stephen Reid’s motivation for going back to Weatherfield. After spending 15 years away from Weatherfield, Audrey’s prodigal son made his way back to the cobbles earlier this year.

After Audrey’s ties with the rest of her family fell apart, Stephen conveniently came back just in time to save her from a bad accident. Gail, her daughter, and her grandkids David and Sarah, who treated her like a child, infuriated her.

To the terror of her family, Audrey made the decision to organize her finances with the aid of businessman Stephen in response to recent events.

Fans of the ITV soap opera, however, are convinced that Stephen, who was also given responsibility for the family’s trust funds, has something evil up his sleeve.

Twitter user @Rachel24184092 stated: “Is Stephen really broke? For Audrey’s ££, return.” @pam debeauvoir concurred and added: “Stephen was short on money and had his eye on Audrey. But why is he still standing about on The Street?”

Stephen is poor, making it somewhat inevitable that he will swindle Audrey, wrote @RyanGSoapKing11 in the meanwhile. “So Stephen IS want Audrey’s money then,” @russelltruran questioned.

@mishybabez_, a Corrie viewer, wrote: “I already knew Stephen was poor. Is he not going to defraud Audrey of her money?” And @VampLover27 added: “Stephen’s skint so he’s defiantly seeking Audrey’s money hence the reason why he insisted on the trust funds.”

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