Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ paternity twist as Sarah’s pregnancy secret exposed

Although Coronation Street viewers are aware that the stalwart has lied and it is obvious that Adam may not be the father after all, Sarah Barlow told her husband that she is confident he is the father of her unborn child.

The entrepreneur decided to throw away the baby’s DNA test results because she couldn’t bear to learn the truth about her unborn child’s paternity. Adam, however, is still unaware and still thinks he is the father.

On Friday, Sarah’s response to being asked about the father of her child raises the possibility that Damon Hay may actually be the biological father.

A reluctant Sarah urged Adam not to share the news of his wife’s pregnancy with their family when he told Daniel Osbourne he intended to do so.

Adam nodded in agreement but neglected to mention it to Daniel, who suddenly stormed into the pub and announced the happy news.

Tracy questioned Adam whether he knew if he was the father of Sarah’s child or not in her customarily impolite manner.

The question offended the gentleman, who hurried out of the bar but the pregnant woman’s response is likely to cause further questions.

Adam pursued her, and the two eventually found their way back to the Rovers after having a heart-to-heart. The lawyer subsequently said that he is positive that he is the father of his wife’s child.

If you’re still wondering if I’m the father or not, Adam maintained, “I do [know] and I am [the dad] and I couldn’t be happier.

However, because of Sarah’s falsehoods, Coronation Street viewers are confident that Damon will be exposed as the father in classic soap opera fashion.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “#Corrie since Sarah has lied about the fatherhood of her baby it’s bound to be not Adams,” and another wrote: “Adam is as much the father of Sarah’s baby as I am #corrie @itvcorrie.”

Another shared: “Adam needs Jeremy Kyle because you’re not the father love..” A third wrote: “Who’s baby is it because I sure no it’s not Adam #corrie.”

Others wondered why Adam trusted Sarah rather than insisting on seeing the paternity test results for himself.

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