Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ new Rovers Return landlady after shock twist

Following a shocking twist, Coronation Street viewers believe they have identified the next landlady of the Rovers Return. The bar appeared to be spared when the breweries Newton and Ridley agreed to buy it.

However, yesterday night’s program (Friday, August 18) revealed that the boozer’s future may not be secure after all. Viewers are aware of Jenny Connor’s efforts to save the tavern.

It has been thrown into financial turmoil as a result of the pandemic and the current cost of living issue. She was considering selling it to property developers to be converted into flats.

Jenny obtained a deal with Henry Newton at the last minute, courtesy to Gemma Winter. He had persuaded his father to purchase the pub and maintain Jenny as management.

However, according to last night’s show, not all is well at the brewery. Debbie Webster noticed Phillip Newton meeting with large company mogul Jason Waterford in Debbie Webster’s hotel.

Debbie, convinced that something was wrong, went to great pains to find out what was going on. She told partner Ronnie Bailey, “I’m telling you right now, something is definitely going down here.”

Coronation Street: Rovers Return needs saving again

She took a waitress’s wine order and delivered it under the guise of serving Jason and Philip.

Then, after she unintentionally dropped a drink, she offered to help them dry the document.

So she did. but only after making a copy of it so she could look through it. It turned out to be a deal for Jason Waterford to buy the brewery.

With admirers, though, that has thrown the cat among the pigeons. They have come to the conclusion that the Rovers have not actually been saved.

However, they are confident a new landlady is on the way since Debbie is pressuring Ronnie to utilize the information to buy shares in Newton and Ridley in order to profit from the impending sale.

“#Corrie predictions for the next month,” one user wrote. Ronnie will invest in Newton & Ridley.

“Mr Newton will die unexpectedly, and the transaction will be canceled.” Ronnie will use shareholder power to take over the Rovers with Debbie, and they will hire Courtney as a barmaid after she divorces her husband.”

“I’m not sure how Ronnie buying shares in Newton & Ridley results in Debbie becoming new landlady of The Rovers… but I reckon it will,” a second said. #corrie”

“Can see it coming a mile away,” said a third.

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