Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ major twist as Stu’s horror past finally revealed

Fans of Coronation Street were extremely shocked when Yasmeen learned Stu’s shocking secret.

Stu was reading the Gazette, which he had been featured in, while lounging in Speed Dahl with his companion Yasmeen when his ex-wife unexpectedly showed up.

After seeing Bridget, Stu’s ex approached the former homeless chef on the cobbles and ordered him to “keep away” from the couple’s daughter.

From across the room, Yasmeen and her family could see him chatting with her on the stairwell of the Indian restaurant where he works.

When things became heated, Stu’s ex admitted to the audience that he had once killed a man named Charlie Walters.

Stu’s ex told Yasmeen that she “doesn’t know who he really is” as he stood up to observe what was happening.

His ex screamed, “You’ve served your time, therefore I don’t want to rake up the past,” after advising him to stay away from Bridget.

He pleaded, “I didn’t do it,” but Yasmeen was having none of it and immediately booted him out.

The future of Stu and Yasmeen has now been predicted by fans, with many speculating on what Stu may have done or what his ex may have done.

One fan wondered on Twitter while participating in the #Corrie conversation: “I wonder if Stu’s ex has made up that Stu murdered someone in order to avoid Bridget.”

Another person commented, “Stu will have been wrongly accused or it was some type of accident, but they’ll need a few episodes to get to that point.”

“Ugh. That annoying soap opera plot device, where Stu refuses to disclose what transpired in order to prolong the drama until Yasmeen learns the truth and returns him, “a third time.

whilst a fourth postulated: “I believe someone was filling in for Stu. carried the blame.”

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