Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ Charlie’s ‘real’ killer as Stu Carpenter is innocent

Stu (played by Bill Fellows) was beginning to get his life back together when his ex Lucy Woodrow (Lynda Rooke) uncovered he had recently confessed to the homicide of 19-year-old Charlie Walter.

His mystery was presented to the Weatherfield people group when a columnist made him the first page of the Gazette. Stu has since been re-captured and is fighting his honesty with the assistance of Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) and Zeedan Nazir (Qasim Akhtar).

After Monday night’s episode, fans took to their online entertainment inflexible they had “worked out” reality behind who the genuine killer was.

Alya and not entirely settled to find new proof which would excuse Stu from the violations he is being blamed for.

After Adam Barlow (Samuel Roberston) gave over all the past court papers and proof introduced, they started managing.

They before long ran over some meeting tapes and were staggered to hear how obtuse Stu’s admission was, reexamining in the event that they had the right thought regarding him.

In any case, Adam before long brought up Stu had been evaluated for more than 10 hours which is contrary to the guidelines and there was a tape missing.

Alya and Zeedan introduced their discoveries to their grandma Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King) yet were met with a disheartening tirade.

She told them: “You realized that was not what I needed, this is all down to you! I would like you to leave.”

Alya uncovered she planned to visit Stu in the jail and requested Yasmeen to go with her to hear his side of the story.

While addressing Alya, Stu spotted Yasmeen show up from the entryway and asked for her to allow him an opportunity.

Stu told her: “I was unable to demonstrate the undertaking and we made every one of our arrangements while we were working. Seems like you had your brain made up before you arrived.”

Yasmeen made sense of she needed Stu to “set reality free” and admit for them to both continue on with their own personal business.

As the meeting opportunity arrived to an end, Stu asked Yasmeen to open her brain to everything he had said to her and encouraged her to address his old specialist to adjust her perspective.

Once more zeedan figured out how to reach out to Norman and found out if he could visit them, notwithstanding, the specialist was stunned to figure out Stu had been captured for the wrongdoing.

He confessed to Yasmeen, Alya and Zeedan he never accepted Stu was liable and lamented allowing him to move away, not having the option to battle harder.

Fans rushed to call attention to it’s possible Stu thought his little girl Bridget had killed Charlie and is covering for her.

Notwithstanding, in an unexpected contort, it’s really his ex Lucy, who killed the little kid, which is the reason she won’t allow Stu to visit Bridget.

Ryan Glendenning guessed on Twitter: “I can’t really accept that Stu was outlined this way. I figure Stu’s ex and girl collaborated to approach him? Perhaps the two of them killed that little kid together.”

@chippytea_ added: “I bet Stu’s ex is the genuine killer.”

@LunaLocoJewles hypothesized: “Perhaps Stu’s ex killed the young lady. He thinks it was his little girl, she thinks it was him and her mum’s glad to let her think it was him to keep them separated and stop them figuring out reality.”

Georgia Bowring inquired: “Does any other person suppose it was Stu’s ex who killed that young lady?”

@Mishybabez_ guaranteed: “I’m considering it Stu’s ex or Bridget killed Charlie and outlined Stu for it #Corrie” (sic)

Lucy’s unexpected appearance on the road was provoked by Stu attempting to reach out with his little girl Bridget Woodrow (Beth Vyse).

Assuming Lucy is the genuine executioner, might she at any point be attempting to get Stu far from Bridget to stop her own mystery getting uncovered and losing her little girl for eternity?

Stu battled to connect with Bridget after she wouldn’t answer to any of his brings or cards sent throughout the long term.

It was only after Yasmeen figured out how to find her, that Stu turned up unannounced at her home.

Bridget may definitely realize that Lucy is the genuine enemy of Charlie, yet collaborated with her to approach keep on outlining Stu for separating their loved ones.

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