Coronation Street fans ‘work out Aaron’s dark secret’ after cryptic phone call

Viewers of the ITV show Coronation Street think they understand what is going on with Aaron.

The newcomer just started dating Summer Spellman, and his actions have raised questions.

The character has occasionally had to leave the scene while still coming across as secretive, and on Wednesday it seemed like more was going on behind the scenes.

When Summer tickled Aaron, he winced, and soon after that, Aaron said he had been jumped and attacked in the street.

He shocked Summer as he displayed the significant bruises on his side and stomach, pleading with him to get medical attention.

It appeared to be painful, and Summer encouraged him to go see a doctor at the walk-in clinic and tell the police about it.

However, Aaron became irate and rushed off, accusing her of “not listening to him.”

Later, he made up his mind to make apologies with Summer and went to her house to talk to her.

Aaron picked up the phone out of the blue, and it was obvious that the caller was threatening him.

Aaron sounded like he was under control and appeared to be afraid of whatever it was.

He remarked, “Five? I misunderstood what you meant; no problem, I’ll come right away. Please refrain; I’ll be leaving immediately.

“I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I just got confused.”

Aaron claimed to be contacting the police to report his attack as Summer entered the room and the person who had been on the phone hung up.

Following that, Aaron hurried off while claiming to have somewhere to be.

As the incidents played out, viewers surmised that Aaron was involved in a diabolical plot.

One supporter tweeted: “Think his dad is abusing him.”

Another user posted, “I feel like Aaron’s father is physically abusing him or something similar.”

“I think Aaron’s father is beating him up,” a third person stated.

I think he’s doing it to himself,” a concerned admirer commented, and another echoed: “Is Aaron hurting himself?”

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