Coronation Street fans thrilled as ‘missing’ character finally reappears

Crowning ordinance Road fans were excited during Wednesday’s episode when an apparently missing person at last got back to the cleanser.

Bertie Osbourne is the child of Daniel Osbourne and his late spouse Sinead Osbourne (nee Handyman). The young person, presently 3, initially showed up oftentimes after his introduction to the world in January 2019.

Yet, his appearances became not many and further between, and he hasn’t been seen on our screens for nearly five months.

His father, Daniel, has been associated with a lot of sensational story-lines, leaving numerous watchers at home pondering who was really focusing on his child. However, on Wednesday, Bertie’s whereabouts were at last uncovered.

Daniel went with sweetheart Daisy to the Bistro. They had baited Jenny there assuming some pretense of a “goodbye drink”, however they really needed to tell her they accept her life partner Leo has run off without her.

Tragically for Daisy, she needed to let the cat out of the bag without anyone else after Daniel took an unforeseen call. As the telephone rang, Daisy advised him to leave it, however he couldn’t on the grounds that it was “the nursery”.

Poor Bertie was unwell and Daniel needed to proceed to gather him. Also, many fans were excited to hear he was still in the city.

Taking to Twitter, Dayjur said: “It’s the nursery, he’s left Bertie there for a really long time”. Steph said: “BERTIE IS BACK!”, while Ryan Glendenning said: “Bertie notice, for what reason do we never see him?”. @floweroflondon said: “Bertie’s minding quads”.

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