Coronation Street fans stunned by Daniel Osbourne’s appearance as he returns to screens

After being absent for several weeks, Daniel Osbourne’s surprise return to Coronation Street left fans speechless.

In scenes that were broadcast on September 28th, the character was seen once more. After a short break, Daniel reappeared in several background scenes.

Daniel’s abruptly altered appearance stunned Coronation Street viewers.

He was now visible with a brand-new hairstyle and what some people perceived to be a larger, more muscular build.

Fans respond to Daniel’s new appearance.

Social media users were eager to comment on Daniel’s brand-new appearance.

Has Daniel been exercising, or has he always had that physique?

Others praised Daniel’s new look, praising his sharp haircut and fashionable attire.

“Wow. Daniel’s old-man hairstyle has been modified. He looks so much younger now,” said a different person.

In contrast to how he was/looked before, it’s sort of remarkable how they’ve transformed Daniel into someone who is kind of hip and trendy.

Another concurred.

Others, meantime, found similarities between Daniel and other soap opera characters.

Is Daniel attempting to resemble Gary’s former appearance?

“, a fan enquired.

“Why did Daniel get a haircut like that? Another said, “I keep thinking he’s a Leo.

Someone another chimed in, “Don’t worry, Jenny, it appears like Daniel has changed into Leo.”

An all-new Daniel in Coronation Street?

This represents a significant shift in the character’s style.

Daniel’s actor, Rob Mallard, joined the soap opera in 2016. He quickly gained notoriety for his sharp suits and long, coiffed hair.

Will Daniel’s new appearance be incorporated into the character’s future storylines?

What lies ahead for Daniel Osbourne in his new look?

How do you feel?

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