Coronation Street fans stunned as Rita shares details of swingers party ordeal

When Rita Sullivan admitted that she had previously attended a swingers party during the most recent episode of Coronation Street, viewers couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

While having afternoon tea with her neighbors Ken Barlow, Audrey Roberts, Claudia Colby, and Roy Cropper, the fiery redhead spoke candidly.

When Rita revealed information about a swingers party she went with her old friend Norris during their discussion of some of the raunchy antics from their past and some of the things they did when they were younger, mouths dropped.

When they heard her confession, viewers were in fits of laughter and shared the prank on Twitter.

Rita’s talking about going to a swingers party, someone wrote, followed by a laughing emoji.

“Does anyone know roughly when we’ll see Rita and Norris at the swingers party on old Corrie,” a shocked viewer enquired.

Another wrote: “The Thought of Rita at a swingers party!” while a third wrote:

The senior inhabitants of Coronation Street decided to get together for afternoon tea, and viewers loved that they did. They commended the producers for including so many “legends” in one sequence.

One contented fan wrote in their comment section: “I’ve never, ever seen a better episode of @itvcorrie than that one. And for 41 years, I’ve been watching. A legend, Sue Nicholls. #Audrey.”

“Do not care for Faye and Craig, may we have more scenes with these legends like Roy, Audrey, Rita and Ken,” a second person said in agreement.

And a third chimed in: “It’s fantastic to see the older generation enjoying a compelling plot!”

Even though there were plenty of laughs and drinks being consumed, things took a bad turn when Audrey disclosed she had recently attempted suicide.

After learning the shocking news, Audrey’s friends did their best to console her while also blaming themselves for missing the warning signs earlier.

Audrey made an effort to move on from the situation in an upbeat manner, but her closest friends gave them assurances that they would aid her more in the future.

As the touching scenes played out, followers commented on this aspect on Twitter as well.

Someone wrote: “This evening’s show was amazing, featuring the talented Sue Nicholls and a topic that resonates with me: Audrey’s struggle with isolation, sadness, and suicide attempts. Thank you Steven Fay and Carmel Morgan for such a wonderful piece of writing.”

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