Coronation Street fans spot villain Dean from rival soap as he returns to cobbles

Fans of the ITV soap opera Coronation Street were shocked to recognise a familiar face on Monday night (August 21).

Eagle-eyed It’s no wonder that Corrie fans, who are always on the lookout for characters from other shows and never miss a trick, recognised Dean actor Anthony Clark from the competing serial Hollyoaks.

Dean Turnbull, the bad guy and drug dealer who was last seen wrecking havoc at Abi Franklin’s door a year ago, has returned to the streets and this time he is terrorising newbie Cassie Plumber as she is abusing drugs.

However, Anthony Clark has actually performed on the cobbles four times, twice as Dean and once in each of the other two parts.

Anthony appeared in sequences during Jim McDonald’s armed robbery in 2011 as a police officer.

He played a different police officer that year, one who was called to Janice Battersby’s home to investigate a break-in.

However, Anthony has been in other soap operas as well, including Hollyoaks on Channel 4.

He has appeared in the series three times, each time playing a different character.

Anthony made his acting debut in Hollyoaks’ The Northern nightclub in 2009 as bouncer Levi: The morning following the previous evening

The following year, he changed his name to Steve and pretended to be sixteen years old to broadcaster Duncan Button.

He also made a comeback this year in the role of Kenneth, an investor caught up in the goings-on of a neighbourhood youth club who shares an unexpected encounter with John Paul McQueen.

Anthony appeared in two episodes of Shameless between 2009 and 2012. He initially played Phil and then Bill.

The actor appeared in Accused in 2010 and The Syndicate on BBC in 2015. Five years earlier, in 2010, he starred in Accused.

In tonight’s episode, Cassie pretended to Tyrone that she was heading to the Citizens Advice Bureau to hunt for a place to stay, but in reality, she ran into Dean, her heroin dealer, who became hostile because she owed him money.

Michael insisted on taking Cassie to the hospital after witnessing her collapse to the ground in agony.

When Ronnie arrived to A&E, he spotted Michael engaged in an argument with Dean after Dean had followed them.

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