Coronation Street fans spot problem with ‘laughable’ court case

As Ryan Connor appeared in court on Wednesday’s episode of Coronation Street for stealing money from the Bistro, watchers of the show noticed a problem.

Since he arrived back in Weatherfield in 2018, the DJ has been eager to leave for Ibiza. And if he could simply raise $5,000, he would be able to invest with his friends in a new tavern.

In a desperate attempt to get some money, he and Debbie Webster, manager of the Bistro, devised the “ideal victimless crime.”

But everything went tragically wrong, and Ryan was apprehended by law enforcement. He also learned that Debbie had betrayed him after being detained, despite her denials.

Everyone believed that he had simply broken in to steal the money for himself at that point, and he was facing charges.

Ryan entered a guilty plea after the week’s second incident on the cobbles, and many supporters exhaled a sigh of relief when he was later spotted downing a pint in the Rovers after being given a community service sentence.

However, several fans had issues with how the events played out. Vera D posted the following on Twitter: “Quickest trial in history; went to court to be charged; got sentenced.”

Bernard stated: “Ryan’s sentencing has already occurred; this was only discovered last week, exclaimed Sophie. hahaha”. Murphy said: “Ryan gets community service, even though the money that he admitted stealing is still missing..” and Siobhan said: “Writers believing that’s how long it takes to go to court is absolutely comical.”

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