Coronation Street fans spot major Ryan blunder as he calls Debbie from police station

After Ryan Connor spoke with Debbie Webster from the police station to discuss their illicit activities on the most recent episode of Coronation Street, viewers were left perplexed.

In the episode from last night, Craig Tinker and the police made an effort to identify the perpetrators of the Bistro theft.

However, things immediately went south when Ryan was caught in the act by the CCTV camera and taken to the nearby police station.

Ryan, however, called Debbie while he was at the station to talk about how he could escape the sticky situation he’s in right now.

Fans soon realized that Debbie’s involvement in the crime made the call on the police phone a significant mistake because it may have been recorded.

“I Thought you was only Allowed a phone call for couple of minutes, But Ryan has been on the phone for at least 10 minutes, Also I’m sure the Police can hear the tape of his call,” one user said on Twitter.

“Has neither Ryan nor Debbie thought that his outgoing phone call from the police station will be recorded?,” another individual wrote.

Ryan discussing the crime with Debbie #corrie on the phone in the police waiting room, doh, said a third.

A fourth person said: “Those calls are being recorded, aren’t they? It’s always worth discussing the crime you committed with the police over the phone at the check-in desk, right?

Ryan did manage to leave the police station toward the end of the show, but he is still facing serious criminal charges.

Ryan told Debbie in the street that she must get him out of his situation because if she doesn’t, he will be forced to tell the truth.

However, when the young man’s situation worsened, his supporters at home couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

Fans once more took to Twitter to discuss the disturbing moments.

Kind of feel bad for Ryan, who Debbie tricked into it, said one viewer.

Another wrote: “When they realize Debbie was involved the whole time, the whole street will feel terrible for Ryan.”

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