Coronation Street fans spot major furniture issue in Carla and Peter’s flat

The residences of certain Weatherfield residents are well-known to Coronation Street viewers.

Numerous dramatic plotlines, shocking revelations, and even disastrous fires have taken place in some of the most recognizable apartments and homes. But until now, no one had ever seen the inside of Carla Connor and Peter Barlow’s flat.

On Tuesday, Coronation Street shared many pictures on its official Instagram account. The post’s heading read: “The apartment of Carla and Peter is here! We are addicted to #Corrie”

Photos revealed a contemporary apartment with elegant furnishings. There were many feminine decorations and furniture, as well as a framed picture of the couple.

The living area is located next to the dining room, which can seat four people, and is connected to the open-concept kitchen.

Around a small coffee table, there is a semi-circular sofa and a chair that matches it. And while many viewers agree that the location looks fantastic, some have noticed a clear mistake with the chair’s placement.

The dining table is visible behind the chair in one photograph, which is positioned exactly in front of the TV. “Love it…but really want to relocate that chair in front of the TV,” Carole commented on the Instagram image.

The chair is blocking the TV, declared Deb. Gary remarked, “Who places a chair in front of the TV sideways?” Jamie remarked, “That TV is really improperly situated.”

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