Coronation Street fans spot glaring error as Paul orders a coffee

As Paul Foreman sped into Roy’s Rolls-Royce on Friday night’s episode, Coronation Street viewers noticed an issue.

As viewers are aware, Paul just learned that he likely has motor neurone disease, which was a terrible diagnosis. Paul is unemployed and has no money.

He asked Nick Tillsley for work during his Friday visit to the cobbles before deciding to approach Damon Hay.

Nevertheless, everything changed after he ran into Carla Connor in the cafe. In order to help Ryan Connor as he begins the protracted recuperation process following the acid attack, Carla had returned to the street.

After Paul sought redress for Carla knocking him down in the Underworld truck, they decided to put the past behind them. Paul hugged her instead of shaking her hand because his symptoms prevented him from doing so.

But, viewers were unable to determine Paul’s original purpose for entering the café. Roz posted on Twitter as follows: “Paul owes a lot of money. So how does he choose how to spend the money that he lacks? While he’s 50 feet from his own kettle, he’s drinking coffee from Roy’s.”

Declared Ian “Paul, who is deeply in debt, leaves his apartment and walks across the street to Roy’s Café to buy a coffee. Anne questioned: “Why is Paul purchasing coffee if he is so poor? The vicar must have provisions.”

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