Coronation Street fans spot error as Ryan Connor contacts Debbie ‘Couldn’t make it up’

This week, two street criminals made an odd choice that fans of the ITV soap opera noticed.

Ryan Connor, a bartender, talked about his criminal schemes with Debbie Webster, a partner from a police station.

After witnessing some potentially disastrous tactics taken by the would-be insurance scammers, viewers of the broadcast were left speechless.

When committing various crimes, most fraudsters on screen will try to remain as discrete as possible, but not in Weatherfield.

Criminals Debbie and Ryan from Corrie decided to operate out of the neighborhood police station as they discussed their most recent scheme to evade the law.

The unusual choices made by the pair caught viewers’ attention and might end up haunting them in the future.

Fans of Coronation Street questioned their reasoning in droves on Twitter.

Ryan and Debbie did not assume that his phone call from the police station would be recorded, Wendy wrote.

Is he actually using the police station phone to call his accomplice, Dawn Marie tweeted.

“I Thought you was only Allowed a phone call for couple of minutes, But Ryan has been on the phone for at least 10 minutes, Also I’m sure the Police can hear the tape of his call,” Nas wrote in a tweet.

Ryan discussing the crime with Debbie #corrie while on the phone in the police waiting area, doh, said @GhostPeepTweets in jest.

As Ryan requested his buddy to bail him out of trouble, one fan was unconvinced by the story’s veracity.

Dorreen Morfitt: “You couldn’t make this stuff up, but someone did. Ryan in the cop shop chatting to his crime partner in front of the booking in counter.”

The Corrie page Talk of the Street’s description of the pair’s activities is spot on.

They tweeted in jest: “Warning. Some viewers might find the scenes of Ryan’s foolishness in tonight’s episode of #corrie upsetting.”

The story of the fake Bistro’s heist was developed in the episode that aired on Wednesday.

Due to the couple’s financial difficulties, the co-owner of the Bistro and a helpless Ryan organized a phony heist on Monday.

Since the investigation now includes local police constable Craig Tinker (Colson Smith), it appears that the impressionable Ryan will take the fall.

The two’s plans fell apart this week when Ryan was quickly caught as a result of CCTV footage leaving him defenseless.

Ryan, who was inconsolable, called his lover from the police station desk while looking for a solution.

Fortunately, he was able to escape at the end of the episode, but a trip to jail is undoubtedly on the horizon.

Future prospects for the bartender are dim, and a period of incarceration appears inevitable.

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