Coronation Street fans spot clue and ‘work out’ Imran Habeeb ‘faked death’ in plot twist

Fans of CORONATION STREET are confident they have figured out Imran Habeeb’s whereabouts after learning he faked his own death and is still alive.

Imran Habeeb from Coronation Street passed away last month after having a heart attack.

After learning that he had fabricated his court declaration, which had granted them custody of their kid, his wife, Toyah Battersby, purposefully rammed their car into a structure covered in scaffolding.

Imran managed to escape through the debris and save Toyah from the collision, but he soon fell ill and passed away, leaving the police to look into the occurrence.

Imran is still alive, and according to Weatherfield followers, they have “figured out,” he has escaped the country using a forged passport.

Imran’s deceased body was never displayed to viewers; instead, the awful news was relayed by a police officer when he spoke with Toyah about the occurrence.

While the inquiry is still ongoing, Toyah has since been charged with his murder, and Alfie’s custody has been returned to Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) as part of a foster placement plan, dash again her plans to adopt Elsie.

Recently, Coronation Street viewers discussed the incident on Reddit, with many speculating as to Imran’s whereabouts.

Poor Imran. @joininsd began a stream with the following statement: “Soap twist: Imran fabricated it.

He failed miserably as a lawyer, losing the trial of Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson). lost Sabeen Habeeb’s first wife (Zora Bishop).

cheated with his new partner. conceived his fling. Elsie, the first foster child, was lost. lied to the judge to gain custody of Alfie.

“Was threatened with punishments or disbarment for lying in court. was confronted with years of soiled diapers and an occasionally crazy Toyah, who then attempted to kill him.

What if, in the moments following the accident, he realized there was no way he wanted to continue living, so he staged the heart attack?

Offers the paramedic £20,000 to miraculously fail to detect a pulse? in the mortuary, changes toe tags.

Imran is currently traveling with a new passport that was forged by Abi’s acquaintance. She is happy to assist because, in the event of his ‘death,’ she will most certainly receive exclusive custody of Alfie.

They praised Imran, saying, “Well played.”

The wacky hypothesis was praised by other Reddit users who went into the comment sections, with @corickle writing: “You should be a writer for Corrie.

You could greatly enhance several of the narratives because they are so tedious.

@homegirl91 concurred, saying, “This would be great!” (sic)

Fans of the character will be aware that Charlie has already said that his demise was “inevitable” for the plot.

Charlie said in a news conference before the scenes aired: “It wasn’t an easy decision, but there really wasn’t another option for Imran in terms of the tale itself.

“It was between his turning around and walking, but that would ignore the fight he has been having for his son.

“You would be left with another childless Abi if he departed and took his son with him. Although Sally Carman is certainly not leaving, you may depart with Abi.

“The only real alternative was to push him away, and after being informed in a matter-of-fact manner of what the tale required, I responded, “Well, that’s that then.”

For me, it marks the end of something, but for Georgia, Sally, and Mike Le Vell, it is the beginning of something new.

Charlie recently confirmed his part in Alan Bennett’s play The Clothes They Stood Up In at the Nottingham Playhouse, his first acting gig since leaving the ITV soap opera.

He released the information by saying: “About 1000 years ago, when I initially told my (very baffled) parents that I wanted to try my hand at acting, my mother issued me three conditions, if this was the career I wanted for myself (probably after the shock and disappointment had subsided).

“She had three goals for my life and career. I’m happy to report that I’ve crossed off the second item on the list as of today.

“This theater, this subject matter, and these participants all together. I am eager to get going.

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