Coronation Street fans share concern for ‘missing’ child amid killer Stephen fears

Viewers of Coronation Street have expressed their worry over Harry Platt on social media.

Tina O’Brien’s character Sarah Barlow and the late Callum Logan’s six-year-old kid haven’t been seen together recently.

He presently resides at Redbank Apartments with his mother and Adam Barlow, who is played by Sam Robertson.

But viewers of the ITV soap opera are concerned that Sarah has forgotten about her kid as she gets closer to her cunning uncle Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) as they prepare to go to work together.

One fan posted a question on social media: “After Bethany, didn’t Sarah Platt have a son? How is she handling him?”

Little Harry in the attic, someone else retorted.

A third poster stated: “Poor Harry. He has turned his gaze elsewhere.”

Another said, “A question I often ask, poor little mite you seldom see him,” and a fourth agreed.

Another person commented, “Harry hasn’t been seen or even mentioned in ages.”

Sixth Corrie viewer: “Hope uncle Stephen doesn’t kill him.”

After fans shared their conspiracy theories about suspect Stephen on social media, it happened.

Some believe that the shady businessman will murder Audrey Roberts, his mother (Sue Nicholls).

The iconic soap star has been going through a difficult time and even attempted suicide by taking too many medications.

Stephen, the kid she and Geoff Masters share, recently moved back to the cobbles and is in in need of money.

Fans have been speculating that since his comeback in Weatherfield, he will kill Audrey for her money and use her prior suicide attempt to cover it up.

“He finds out Audrey was trying to kill herself, and he still wants money so he kills her (or attempts to), and tries to make it appear like suicide,” a Reddit user commented.

Another said, “Honestly, I could see that happening.”

Another person stated: “I wouldn’t be surprised by this. In all honesty, I believed that Stephen was to blame for her suicide attempt in the first place since I believed he had been sneaking her sleeping medications.”

Fourth commenter: “Stephen wanting to kill her I could see occurring. Audrey and Sue Nicholls is one character and actress whose leaving would be publicised and build up to.”

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