Coronation Street fans say they have figured out the identity of Liam’s online client

After admitting they had discovered the real identity of Ryan Connor’s online customer, Coronation Street viewers took up the role of detective during tonight’s (Monday) episode. After she promised to give him money for additional graphic images, Ryan’s messages from a female going by the name of “Liv” on the OnlyFans-style website intensified.

Ryan and the girl were shown speaking on the app’s messaging throughout the episode. He admitted to her that he had always wanted to be a DJ and said that Keith Harris was more similar to him than Calvin Harris.

She eventually offered money in exchange for a naked photo, which she later demanded. Fans immediately shared their suspicions about this woman’s true identity once he agreed to it.

The ITV soap opera’s viewers claim they are now certain they know who is actually messaging Ryan and that they are using an alias and someone he knows very well. Fans speculated about the person’s identity on Twitter.

@pantskate tweeted, “I bet it’s Daisy messaging Ryan.” Also on Twitter, @RyanTheSoapking wrote: “Would not surprise me if the person Ryan is talking to is Daisy again – she’s done it before.”

The character Ryan, who is portrayed by actor Ryan Prescott, is going to be “completely heartbroken,” and he also uses X-rated social media profiles to get money. Ryan is Carla’s son.

ITV soap opera watchers have recently seen Ryan turn to the internet when his mother genuinely uploaded a photo of his toned physique on social media.

After intensifying his fitness regimen, the stream of praises made him consider starting his own fitness influencer account to track his progress as the anger over the inadvertent share subsided. Carla and Peter Barlow are there to support him, but they have no idea that he has been abusing steroids.

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