Coronation Street fans say one line minutes into episode made it ‘worth the wait’

Fans of the soap opera Corrie were ecstatic to see it air again on Monday night.

The most recent episode of the venerable ITV soap opera was supposed to air on Friday, September 9, but it was postponed following the Queen’s demise.

On September 8, at about 6.30 p.m., it was revealed that Queen Elizabeth II, who was 96 years old, had passed away quietly in Balmoral. Hours after sharing that the late monarch was being monitored by doctors and that they were worried about her health, Buckingham Palace released a statement.

Since then, several programs have been moved or cancelled on TV as the country grieves. But Coronation Street is back on our televisions once more.

Within the first few minutes of the episode, a sequence starring young Hope Stape and Sam Blakeman left viewers in awe. Sam expressed worries that his crush had “gone off him” because they hadn’t spoken since he started at his secondary school as the two were talking about his buddy Jaleena’s upcoming party, according to the MEN.

“Maybe she’s just stopping being a geek,” Hope suggested. When he stated he had just put on his school uniform during their subsequent discussion of what he would be wearing to the party, Hope was appalled.

Liam Connor later joined them at the bus stop, and Sam became concerned that he might miss his school’s “own clothes day” because of it.

Liam informed him, though, that he was wearing pants and a football jersey because he was going on a field trip with his class to the Pencil Museum. Liam didn’t appear very excited about the educational trip to Keswick, but Sam said, “That’s fantastic,” in response to Liam’s question, “Is it?”

Sam declared, “Yeah, I adore pencils, me. It’s just a piece of wood with lead inside of it and you can write with it. Incredible design, really. So basic.”

Sam’s remarks also helped Corrie fans feel like their wait for their Weatherfield dose had been worthwhile. Ryan Glendenning tweeted: “Pencil museum #Corrie,” along with a series of crying and laughing emojis, while chippytea_ wrote: “I’ve waited DAYS for this ep. And Sam saying “I adore pencils, me” made it so worth it.”

People with passions are the finest type of people, as FreshcoSurvival and Claire both noted in their comments. FreshcoSurvival wrote: “Sam’s pencil discussion made me laugh out loud. So cute,” and Claire added: “Count me in for the pencil museum.”

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