Coronation Street fans rumble mysterious newcomer Chris’ DNA link to Tyrone

Fans of Coronation Street were perplexed by the entrance of enigmatic newcomer Chris on Christmas Day, but they are now confident that he will return after a major DNA twist.

When Fiz Stape was frantically driving away from Weatherfield, the red-suited walker was leaving for a holiday hike. He assisted her in finding a phone box so she could call Tyrone’s garage for assistance.

Many people believed Chris might be Father Christmas in disguise because he didn’t have a phone and admitted he had no family.

Other keen observers, however, are now convinced that he may be considerably less mythological and may genuinely share DNA with Tyrone Dobbs.

Some admirers now believe Chris might be Tyrone’s biological father.

As a sort of father figure, Tyrone’s stepfather Darren Dobbs broke the news to him that Jackie possibly wasn’t his biological mother.

Therefore, Tyrone’s life has a dad-shaped hole that the soap opera might eventually fill.

One supporter asked these questions on Reddit: “Fiz, did you see the guy? the man who was assisting Fiz in reaching her relatives. Why did he conceal when Fiz tried to introduce himself to Tyrone? Did she keep seeing him in her head the entire time to give her the drive to get home? Why else would he remain hidden from her? I’m very perplexed.”

However, another person’s response revealed that they were more knowledgeable: “I have a weird feeling he’s going to pop up later as Tyrone’s dad.”

One more user pleaded: “Oh no. Please refrain from taking that route!”

Another person speculated that Chris was either linked to John Stape or to Phill. They were naming it immediately.

Meanwhile, a person on Twitter stated: “What purpose does that Chris guy serve? Unrest is developing.”

“Chris needs to be a permanent character,” pleaded someone else.

Another user commented, “Imagine if Chris and Phill are related.”

Others, though, were adamant that Chris was merely a festive addition made to enable Fiz arrive at her wedding on time.

Someone said on Reddit, “It was Santa! Tyrone was given ample time to look so that he could have simply walked away, but I believe it was a small Christmas-related incident.

He goes by the name Chris, as someone else countered. He’s wearing a crimson suit. Every Christmas, he sets out on a protracted journey by himself and eventually returns home.

“Has no cell phone and no contemporary technologies. was close to the postbox. on Christmas day, came to aid Fiz when she was in need.

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