Coronation Street fans rumble Maria’s stalker – and it’s someone really close to her

Fans of Coronation Street have argued over who is responsible for Maria Connor’s hellish stalking.

Samia Longchambon plays the politician and Cobbles inhabitant who had to go through a lot when she came up with a plan for bins while serving as a councillor and it wasn’t well received by the community, who yelled at her for her concept.

As a result, she appears to have been targeted by someone who has been sending her horrible comments, harassing her on her videos, creating images of her that look like they belong in an adult film, and even placing a tracker in her handbag.

Fans are confident that they now know who is following Maria, and it is someone who is very close to her.

Got a hunch Kelly is stalking Maria #Corrie, one said, as another concurred: “Kelly is deffo stalking maria #corrie.”

Another third said: “Is Kelly behind everything Maria-related? “I suppose it could be Kelly – why was she so keen to go the event with Maria when she didn’t have to? “, wrote a fourth user online. #Corrie.”

“It is clear that Kelly is harassing Maria. #Corrie, “One more wrote.

Others claimed to have knowledge of Kelly’s motivations, and they all revolve around her partner Gary Windass.

One fan put out their hypothesis on Twitter, writing, “Imagine if it’s Kelly behind all this because she secretly knows what Gary did to her dad and is upset at Maria for supporting him #corrie #coronationstreet.”

Added by a second “Do you suppose Kelly is aware that Gary murdered Rick? She might be following Maria as a result to gather some information.”

Maria was terrified to discover she was being tracked on Wednesday’s episode after receiving a message on her phone that she was being tracked by a third-party device or app.

She entered the café in a panic, and Nina was able to locate the tracker in her bag as she made her way to the police station to report what had happened.

When they said there was nothing she could do because the trackers, which are typically used to follow someone’s keys or other belongings, were legal, Maria was frustrated and worried about what would happen next.

If Kelly is responsible for the tracking, why is she doing it, and is her dad involved in any way?

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