Coronation Street fans ‘rumble’ Audrey’s son Stephen Reid as motive ‘solved’

Fans of Coronation Street claimed they had finally obtained evidence that Stephen Reid, Audrey Roberts’ long-lost son, was engaging in criminal activity.

When his mother got into trouble after having a few drinks at Trim Up North last month, he walked down the cobbles to save the day.

After being stuck under a motorcycle in the barbershop all night after it fell on her, Audrey was taken to the hospital and her oldest child arrived just in time.

However, Todd Boyce, an American actor, who plays Stephen, already seems to be hiding something, and many believe he may be lying about his past.

Now, according to the DailyStar, some believe they have discovered his evil purpose.

In the early 2000s, Sarah and Bethany Platt moved in with Stephen, who had immigrated to Canada 60 years earlier with his adoptive parents. Stephen has been living in Italy since relocating there in 2007.

However, it seems that Stephen has been up to mischief in the background since they left in 2014, and there is much more to him than meets the eye.

The Platt family should be alarmed that Audrey (Sue Nicholls) appointed him to distribute her money after his death.

Fans appear to believe that he has been living covertly in the UK for years, and one particular detail stands out.

Fans noted that Stephen had his own – very costly – automobile in England as a crucial indicator that he doesn’t appear to have settled down abroad recently.

One person wrote on Reddit, “Stephen. Why does he own a vehicle? He took a taxi from his home country to Weatherfield. Is he really that wealthy that he can simply rent a car for travels, or is he?

“So why couldn’t the business have arranged for mending it?”

Another poster said: “The hirer wouldn’t have to fix anything if there was a problem with it; it would have been replaced!” “You don’t take a rented car to a mechanic and pay to get it fixed,” another person said in agreement.

As one fan tweeted: “Stephen claiming ‘I have a very important meeting’ every five minutes, others are convinced Stephen is pulling off a sophisticated strategy to swindle Audrey out of her money. You are aware that he will probably get into problems and steal Audrey’s money.

Another said, “So either Audrey has dementia or Stephen is drugging her to get his hands on her money.”

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