Coronation Street fans predict Tyrone could have a secret sister… and she’s already in Weatherfield

Following an especially intriguing bit of speech in Friday night’s show, fans of Coronation Street have speculated that Tyrone Dobbs may have a secret sister who lives in Weatherfield.

This occurred as Cassie Plummer, Tyrone’s estranged mother, arrived back in the Cobbles after a brief trip with Evelyn.

This year, it was revealed that Tyrone’s mother was still living. Evelyn’s mother, Cassie, the junkie, reemerged and demanded to meet her son. After telling Tyrone that his mother had passed away from drug addiction, Evelyn then disclosed that Tyrone was unaware of her existence.

Soon after, Evelyn and Cassie departed Weatherfield in an effort for Evelyn to clean up Cassie. The idea was for Cassie to tell Tyrone the truth when she returned, drug-free.

Tyrone discovers his mother’s secret, but will there be further revelations?

In yesterday night’s episode, the two were back together, with Cassie escaping her mother’s custody to surprise Tyrone at the Bistro. In little time at all, Cassie revealed who she really was.

Young Ruby remarked that he might have siblings he wasn’t previously aware of as the shock subsided.

Some fans interpreted this as a possible foreshadowing and pondered if Ruby’s remark might have some validity. Could Tyrone have a secret sibling or siblings? In that case, who?

Fans of Coronation Street believe Tyrone will find his long-lost sister.

Some Coronation Street viewers expressed their ideas about Tyrone’s potential long-lost family on Twitter.

“Ruby 2.0 just dropped a bombshell there. One supporter exclaimed, “Tyrone might (and so will probably) have siblings and sisters.

However, who may these siblings be? And maybe one of them we already know.

Courtney will be Tyrone’s sister, according to Corrie viewers.

One candidate surfaced rapidly. It was none other than Courtney, who just recently made her own appearance on the soap opera.

One fan opined, “Have a feeling Courtney, with whom Aadi has been getting it off, is going to end up being Tyrone’s sister.

Courtney has joined the soap opera as the new business partner of Dev’s wife. With the character starting a relationship with young Aadi, it is obvious that the character is here to stay.

However, is Courtney Tyrone’s long-lost sibling?

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