Coronation Street fans predict THIS character will be framed for Stephen’s crimes

Fans of Coronation Street believe that a character on the program may be implicated in Rufus’ death and that things are about to take a tragic turn.

In scenes that will air this month, it was previously reported that the villain Stephen Reid would take off a character on Coronation Street; however, more recent teasers have indicated that factory client Rufus will suffer a horrible death.

However, despite the fact that it is obvious to viewers that killer Stephen will be responsible for the murder, many have taken to Twitter to predict that someone else will be found guilty of the horrible crime.

One Corrie fan said on Twitter that “Stephen has killed Rufus and he’ll frame Micheal for the murder.”

April 12, 2023 “#Corrie” Stephen has killed Rufus, and he’s going to blame Micheal for it.”

Another stated that “Michael or Paul to get the blame for Rufus’ murder!”

Michael or Paul should be held accountable for Rufus’s death! April 12, 2023 for #Corrie

Others spoke about how evident it is that the most recent Corrie scenes are taking us into dangerous territory. “Ok. Now that Corrie is dealing with a serial killer, it’s hard for me to think that nobody has noticed, one Twitter user commented.

Ok. Now that Corrie has entered serial murderer territory, it’s impossible for me to think that no one has noticed.April 13, 2023

Another viewer wrote, “Watching #ClassicCorrie and watching a proper villain in Richard Hillman at the moment now in current #Corrie we’re stuck with Stephen Reid how it’s fallen in the villain stake of the show.” Others, on the other hand, had a more negative perspective and complained that this serial killer storyline isn’t as satisfying as classic Corrie scenes.

Another said, “Stephen murders Rufus Michael gets the blame Paul sees it can’t own up cos he’s stealing Rufus car.”

Will Stephen be exposed, or will he be able to deflect responsibility for the unavoidable? Check back on Friday to learn more.

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