Coronation Street fans predict sinister twist in Fiz and Tyrone love triangle with Phill

Fans of Coronation Street have been speculating about what might happen between Fiz Stape and Tyrone Dobbs.

After Fiz made the decision to break up with Phill Whittaker on their wedding day, the former couple has quietly reconciled.

Phill has been attempting to win her back ever then, even persuading her to join them on their little moon.

When Fiz declined, Phill turned to Tyrone, whom he now considers to be a close friend, but little does he know that Tyrone had reconciled with Fiz.

Tyrone made a valiant effort to resist going on the trip with Phill on Friday’s ITV soap opera, but when forced into a corner, he caved in and agreed to attend.

While some viewers sympathized with the bereaved Phill, others surmised that he might be aware of Fiz and Tyrone’s reunion invisibly.

One user tweeted the following: “#Corrie I believe Phill is acting this way because he is aware of Fiz and Tyrone.”

One more viewer stated: “Is Phil deceitfully enticing Tyrone away for revenge? #Corrie A convenient accident”

A third individual took it a step further and tweeted: “I’m hoping Phil is enticing Tyrone to a secluded spot so he can track him down and kill him after learning about Fiz and Tyrone. #Corrie.”

Some viewers speculated that Tyrone might also be interested in Fiz for another reason.

One user proposed, “Imagine Tyrone is playing the long game and he and Phil both bin Fiz off #Corrie.”

I hope Tyrone ditches Fiz and swears allegiance to Phil instead!!!! #Corrie, another person wrote.

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