Coronation Street fans predict sad downfall for character and moan ‘what a shame’

After noticing a concerning sign, Coronation Street viewers are certain that Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) will relapse.

After becoming wealthy, the Weatherfield builder might be about to go down a very dark path once again.

Ed’s history with gambling addiction is known to viewers of the ITV soap opera.

In recent scenes, Ed and his brother Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) have made investments in Waterfords while anticipating the impending takeover of Newton & Riley.

Ronnie decided to keep it a secret from his sibling, who thought they were spending the money to renovate a number of residences.

Ed later found out the truth, but for the couple, who ultimately received a windfall as a result of the increase in share prices, the move paid off.

The brothers now have more cash on hand and more to spend on their upcoming building supplies.

Although Ed was found last week looking cunningly at the Gazette’s list of upcoming horse races, it seems that the relief of the victory tempt fate for him.

Last week, Michael confessed that his dad had an unusual habit of pacing the landing around 3:30 in the morning.

Fans were worried that Ed will revert to his old habits after hearing what Ronnie said to Debbie Webster.

He stated he would be giving Ed access to the company accounts.

If we want to succeed in this business, we must be able to completely trust one another, Ronnie said to his skeptic girlfriend.

The desire to steal from him again exists as long as I am the only one in command of the money. That can’t happen, I promise.

I will thus add him to the business account and grant him full access to the corporate data.

He will be the first to know if there is a desire to venture off-piste once more in this manner.

Now, some viewers are speculating that Ed may resume his gambling habit.

One supporter remarked, “What a shame, Ed is definitely going to end up gambling again.”

“Someone stop him,” said another.

“Ed, you are so stupid!” wrote a third.

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