Coronation Street fans predict Paul to be framed for murder as Stephen kills again

Because serial killer Stephen Reid appears to have struck again, Coronation Street viewers have prophesied that unfortunate Paul Foreman will be accused of murder. Will Stephen’s most recent crime be charged against Paul?

In the Wednesday, April 12, 2018 episode of the soap opera, Stephen became irate because Rufus wanted to keep half of the money they made from the Nippersnapper sale. After that, Michael told Stephen he was leaving because Rufus had offered him a position in London.

Paul is accused of murder. Once more, Stephen?

Michael went to Rufus’s house, but despite hearing music inside, there was no response when he knocked on the door. This week, it was revealed that Stephen would attack once more, and Rufus is most likely to fall victim.

But in an unfortunate turn of events, it appears that Paul might be held accountable. Unlucky Paul happened to be at the scene of the crime after going to steal Rufus’s automobile, and Michael was there to meet Rufus.

Paul has turned to crime to make ends meet because his health is fast deteriorating and he is under increasing financial stress. But will he ultimately be accused of killing Rufus?

Television viewers worry that Paul will serve time for Stephen’s crime.
Corrie viewers shared their theories on Twitter as the program aired. And the general notion was that Paul would be blamed for the eventual death of Rufus.

“I’ll guess…” Is Paul going to get the blame if Stephen kills Rufus? said one of the fans.

Spoilers for Coronation Street: Rufus is dead… but who is at fault?

According to recent Coronation Street rumors, Rufus would be discovered dead in his pool. Michael returns to Rufus’ home to discuss the job offer, but when he does, he finds the premises overrun with cops.

When he learns that Rufus is dead, he is stunned. Is Stephen to blame, though? Everything would point in that direction when Rufus irritated Stephen by attempting to kidnap Michael, not to mention the 50% profit daylight robbery. But who will bear responsibility?

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