Coronation Street fans point out huge ‘mistake’ as drugged Carla crashes into Paul

Fans of Coronation Street all responded the same way to Carla Connor’s drugging.

This week, serial killer Stephen Reid found himself victim of the Underworld boss, but he spared her life.

Instead, he made the decision to play with her mind in an effort to rob her of the factory.

Stephen made the decision to try to revive Carla’s earlier mental health concerns using the LSD he had stolen from Rufus.

She had a mental break three years ago, nearly losing herself in the process.

And Stephen has made the decision to use her problems against her after learning of them.

He mixed the hallucinogen into her tea as he left her perplexed about a postponed meeting.

Carla lost her cool when she realized that her meeting had not been postponed because of the drug.

Coronation Street crisis for Carla Connor

Storming out, she attempted to retrieve her car from the garage, but fortunately Abi Webster stopped her.

Carla’s automobile was not being returned after Abi realized something was wrong with her.

Carla then stole one of Underworld’s vans in a fit of rage, which led to catastrophe.

The medicines caused her to see things as she tried to drive down the road, and as a result, she struck Paul Foreman.

The builder was hurt when Peter Barlow’s new bike crashed into him.

Carla began to cry as more people gathered around the incident, signaling that something wasn’t right.

Yet, nobody considered taking her to the hospital or calling the police to report the accident.

Peter, however, took her home after obviously accepting that she was once again crazy.

Fans of Coronation Street all expressed the same displeasure over the tragic events.

And nobody is questioning Carla’s abrupt behavior, the commenter asked.

“So NO ONE wanted any blood tests, hospitals, cops, or insurance?” inquired the second. No?

Even Carla didn’t consider getting a checkup, did she? These plotlines are so pitiful right now!

“I don’t understand why Peter didn’t just take Carla to the hospital to get checked out right immediately when people observed she didn’t look right,” a third person added.

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