Coronation Street fans point out glaring error in staged break-in plan

Ryan Connor was desperate to obtain £5,000 so he could travel to Ibiza with his mates during this week’s first visit to Coronation Street.

Since he arrived back in Weatherfield in 2018, the DJ has been itching to go back to the Spanish island.

And if he can find the money, he and his friends may invest in a brand-new pub.

In a desperate attempt to get some money, he and Debbie Webster, manager of the Bistro, devise the “ideal victimless crime.”

Debbie revealed the strategy throughout the show, saying Ryan would visit the Bistro a few hours after it had closed, stage a break-in, and flee with the cash-filled safe.

Fans at home, however, discovered a serious flaw in the plan. Hazel Scott tweeted the following: “When in the scriptwriting session did NO ONE mention that most transactions at The Bistro would be made using cards? If they had £100 in the safe, they’d be lucky.”

How much cash does a Salford backstreet cafe make on a Monday? asked Shaun. Nobody will suspect an insurance job when Debbie is obviously on the verge of bankruptcy, according to Chippytea.

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