Coronation Street addresses Ken Barlow’s absence after Bill Roache’s break

During an episode of Coronation Street, Ken Barlow was discovered to be visiting an old friend in Southampton.

Coronation Street

Fans of the ITV soap would be aware of the character’s absence from the television, which was attributed to actor Bill Roache’s recovery from coronavirus, so it was good to see his storyline finally remembered.

When Ken’s son Peter Barlow was in the hospital for his liver transplant appointment, he got a text message from his father wishing him well.

With everything else going on, Daniel Osbourne was shocked Ken decided to skip town, but Peter explained that he’s down there staying with an elderly former teaching colleague who “won’t be around for much longer.”

An ITV spokesperson released a statement about Roache’s health late last month.

Coronation Street

“William Roache has asked us to explain why he took time off work after testing positive for COVID,” it said, referring to recent news regarding his health. “He’s healed well and is eager to get back on the cobblestones as soon as possible.”

Even if he is able to resume shooting quickly, the nature of soap-making means Ken will be off the air for some time.

Coronation Street

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