Coronation Street fans make demand as Jenny star shares throwback snap

Following Sally Ann Matthews’ Instagram post of a vintage photo, Coronation Street followers are making the same demand.

Weatherfield was the actress Jenny Bradley’s debut back in 1986. She was first placed in Rita Fairclough’s care, and since then, she has featured in a number of heartbreaking storylines, including Rita’s partner Alan Bradley, who eventually passed away after being struck by a tram, and her tumultuous connection with her father.

Jenny has a history of being unlucky in love; during one troubled union, she was partnered with Martin Platt, with whom she fled to France.

Sean Wilson, who portrayed Martin in the venerable ITV serial opera, spent 20 years in the spotlight before going on to work as a cheesemaker.

In 2018, he made a brief comeback to Corrie to support son David following his awful rape tragedy.

On Thursday, Sally Ann Matthews posted an old photo of her and Sean dressed as Jenny and Martin on social media. And that prompted more fans to make the same request.

The pair were pictured posing against a brick wall in the black-and-white photo. Sally wore a sweater over a pleated skirt and tan tights, and she had shaggy hair. Sean, sporting a mullet and a striped shirt and jeans, posed with his arms crossed.

Sally just wrote “She’s always been unlucky in love x” as the post’s caption. Sally Carman, who plays Abi Webster on Corrie, had the following opinion: “Oh, Jenny To which Sally responded: “It’s a strong look x [laughing emojis]”, “.

It didn’t take long for fans to comment on the image. Jenny and Martin were ideal, according to Karen Parr, and I loved them, according to Meinir Ann Thomas. Jules said: “At least she’d have plenty of cheese if she’d stayed with Martin,” alluding to Sean’s new line of work.

Bring Martin back for Jen, urged Lee Mitchell. Maybe if Martin moved back, said Muellj1970. “Bring back Martin Platt #BBMP,” yelled Charlotte.

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