Coronation Street fans lose patience with ‘irritating’ Yasmeen

It seems that irritated Coronation Street viewers have had enough of Yasmeen Nazir.

Yasmeen had experienced terrorization from one ex-husband while residing in Weatherfield (Geoff Metcalfe). Additionally, another person has abandoned her (Sharif Nazir). However, some supporters continue to believe she’s being overly defensive.

In fact, after it was revealed that Stu Carpenter is a convicted killer, some social media users couldn’t understand why the character wouldn’t want to hear his version of what happened.

Why won’t Yasmeen pay attention to Stu, asks Coronation Street?

Yasmeen has been unwilling to learn about Stu’s hidden history ever since it was made public. When she insisted, Stu retreated to the streets and eventually ended up in the hospital.

Yasmeen did not listen to him out, not even in his frail condition.

And once more, as viewers of the program that aired on Wednesday (August 10) watched, she continued to deny him the chance to defend himself.

He might have handled the situation better if he had refrained from entering her home to get his watch instead.

Yasmeen, who understandably felt threatened, was able to covertly warn Zeedan. And while Stu persisted in pressing and made an effort to explain his side of the tale, Craig took him into custody for disturbing the peace.

Nonetheless, Yasmeen is receiving a lot of criticism from social media users despite signs that Stu may have been harmed.

what fans believe
On Entertainment Daily’s Facebook page, a disgruntled fan wrote, “I’m surprised she didn’t listen to his side of the story; it wouldn’t have done Yasmeen any harm.”

Another person said, “There’s a self righteousness about her that irritates,” in the meantime.

Someone else said, “Yasmeen doesn’t deserve him, that’s too harsh.”

Additionally, a fourth supporter said, “Yasmeen should hang her head in shame for not even listening to him.”

Another person argued that Yasmeen’s unwillingness to listen to Stu was a sign of a serious fault in her personality.

Yasmeen greatly irritates me, they wrote in their post.

Yasmeen absolutely irritates me.

“She never questions anything; she always takes everything at face value.

Even with her own family, she never allows anyone to speak and describe what happened. They are obligated to comply with anything she requests or says.

She wouldn’t get into so many uncomfortable situations if she occasionally listened to someone or anyone.

Another admirer made the suggestion that Yasmeen should understand what it’s like to be in Stu’s position on Twitter.

She should understand what it’s like to be falsely accused more than most, the viewer claimed, given that she too received a brief sentence for something she didn’t do owing to Geoff.

At least Zeedan and Alya are making an effort to learn the facts before shunning the man #Corrie.

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