Coronation Street fans horrified by death as Jenny Connor star teases more upset to come

During Monday night’s portion of Royal celebration Road, fans looked as Leo (played by Joe Ice) was tossed past the brink of a two-story working by Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) which brought about his passing. While watchers were shocked by the contort, entertainer Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny Connor, said there are more shocks to come.

Over ongoing weeks, Crowning ordinance Road fans saw Leo begin to become dubious of Stephen and addressed how honest he was being with everybody.

Determined to demonstrate his sentiments about the Canadian money manager were valid, Leo snoopped on a discussion among Stephen and his alienated ex-accomplice Gabrielle.

He learned Stephen was attempting to convince his mom, Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls), to offer her property to take the value and pay back his ex, who he additionally took from before.

As Leo defied Stephen on his untruths and took steps to tell his mum and the police, tempers rose as they contended on the highest level of the industrial facility outside.

Stephen went after Leo as he pushed his head onto the metal hindrance prior to pushing him hard off the edge.

Leo fell into the container underneath as watchers saw blood spilling out of his ear showing he’d tumbled to his demise.

His niece, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien), showed up suddenly as he immediately shut the container and went to lunch with her at The Bistro prior to getting back to move Leo’s body soon thereafter.

Nonetheless, after the stunning homicide curve, watchers of the ITV cleanser were left astonished at Stephen’s activities.

Justin Rafferty said: “OMG! No chance! Stephen drives Leo over the gallery! Leo’s most certainly being killed by Stephen!”

“Goodness!!! Leo looks dead!!!,” remarked Twitter client SparkySue.

Raven added: “Has Leo passed on!? No thought assuming that he was leaving the road.”

With Lousie Hazeldein saying: “Leo dead???? Unfortunate Jenny has no karma with chaps remaining alive.”

On Tuesday morning, entertainer Sally showed up on Lorraine to talk more about the contort in the most recent episode.

Kidding nobody would need to be Jenny’s old flame as she resembles a Dark Widow, the cleanser entertainer called the scenes that unfurled extremely sensational.

Prodding what’s to come, she said: “Wednesday night’s episode, the principal scene is very surprising and splendid, so you can anticipate that.”

Lorraine remarked Jenny is exceptionally unfortunate in adoration with Sally telling her it wouldn’t be a cleanser on the off chance that she was cheerful.

Needing to find out where Jenny thinks Leo is in the cleanser after his stunning homicide, Sally uncovered what will occur in the following episode.

She said: “Jenny’s simply had her goodbye feast at The Bistro the previous evening so tomorrow she’s awakening and she’s stuffed.

“She’s emigrating and believes that he’s simply smashed on his companion’s couch, so she’s going around attempting to track down him.

“Then, at that point, as the day advances obviously he’s gone.”

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