Coronation Street fans horrified as Joseph Brown’s kidnapper’s identity is revealed

After it was revealed who was harboring youngster Joseph Brown, CORONATION Street fans were shocked.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap, the kid went missing, terrifying his father Chesney and stepmother Gemma.

Joseph said he was being tormented at school in tonight’s episode, but pleaded with his father not to say anything.

Chesney, on the other hand, went behind Joseph’s back and spoke with the instructor, who brushed the matter under the rug.

Joseph, who felt betrayed, screamed at his parents, stating he couldn’t trust them.

He then stormed out, failing to return home in time for dinner.

Joseph’s parents called the police after he went missing for several hours, and their search turned discovered Joseph’s jumper.

As Chesney and Gemma became increasingly concerned, a full-scale search was undertaken.

The reality was revealed later, as Chesney was leaving to look for his kid once more.
Hope climbed up the loft with the crackers she’d gotten from the kitchen while Fiz tried to reassure her brother.

Joseph was subsequently revealed to be hiding up there from everyone.

Fans are appalled by Hope’s new warped behavior.

One person wrote: “Hope is keeping Joseph as a pet in the attic. What are the dimensions of these p****g houses?”

“#Corrie it appears that Hope has Joseph in some sort of “quiet of the lambs” well prison!” commented another.

“Wtf hope keeping him prisoner ready for a human sacrifice for Chucky’s bride,” said another.

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