Coronation Street fans ‘heartbroken’ as Audrey tells family about her suicide attempt

Viewers of Coronation Street were “heartbroken” when Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) revealed on the most recent episode that she had just attempted suicide.

The matriarch recently overdosed on narcotics and was admitted to the hospital as a result of health issues and a worsening alcohol habit.

The scenes from the August 31 episode, in which Audrey finally admitted to her daughter Gail (Helen Worth) that she had attempted suicide, left viewers on Twitter “heartbroken.”

“Gail and Audrey scene ripping our hearts right now,” one user remarked.

Oh Audrey [broken heart emoji], said another.

A third admirer chimed in, “Aw Audrey.”

Another person added: “Think that scene in the salon where Gail tells Audrey she’s been the one constant is one of the sweetest this year.” A fourth person said: “Yesss Audrey, wonderful on you opening up about your mental health difficulties.”

Sixth fan: “Bless her, must’ve been hard for Audrey to accept what she’d done.”

As the salon reopened, Audrey was overcome by the outpouring of support that started the incident.

When she spoke with Gail later, she revealed how her difficulties in previous months had brought her to a sad place.

“Today’s made me realize what I had to lose, and I’m really disappointed in myself because I almost threw it all away,” Audrey said.

Gail was distraught and feeling guilty when Audrey said, “Gail, this is about me, not you.

“I don’t want you to start blaming yourself and changing things,” the speaker said.

Audrey eventually revealed the truth about her failed suicide attempt to her grandkids Sarah (Tina O’Brien) and David (Jack Shepherd).

She also disclosed to the family that she intended to organize her will and leave Stephen out of the money as he allegedly requested.

He was then spotted kicking trash cans hysterically as his scheme to steal Audrey’s money failed.

What made Stephen’s choice of a jacket, shirt, and tie special?

They were Imran’s (Charlie de Melo).

Toyah (Georgia Taylor) mentioned in a recent episode that she had donated several of Imran’s old outfits to charity stores during a talk.

The salesperson informed Stephen that although he may look at the additional items the “widow” had brought in, he couldn’t afford them.

Stephen entered the Bistro wearing his new outfit and joined his family, who are unaware of the true nature of his situation.

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