Coronation Street fans have same theory about Stephen Reid

Fans of Coronation Street have “figured out” Stephen Reid’s return to the cobblestones.

Last month, after more than ten years away, Audrey Roberts’ son made a comeback.

Additionally, viewers have reason to believe that he is no longer a prosperous businessman based on how he acts around his family.

Stephen has long presented himself as a world-traveling, high-flier, and owner of two wildly successful businesses.

He has, however, developed a near-obsession with his mother Audrey’s money since his return.

He has even mentioned the possibility of working alongside Sarah, his niece, at Underworld.

Fans now believe he has returned in order to defraud his mother and other members of the family.

One viewer of Corrie commented: “I suspect he might be in financial problems and desperate.

Coronation Street: Is Audrey in Stephen’s crosshairs?

Maybe he’s hoping Audrey would lend him some money, or maybe she’ll leave him her entire estate when the time comes so he may consider convincing her to amend her will.

Another concurred, “You might be right.”

“I did believe that his contacts with Sarah at the plant were also odd in some way.

“Perhaps Stephen will defraud her and Carla of money as well?”

Another person said: “I immediately assumed that he was returning for Audrey’s money.

“I also believe he will attempt to extort money from T’factreh.

It will irritate me if Audrey, who is usually quite intelligent, falls for his con, but they’ll make her that way to suit the plot.

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And by the way, how much money should Audrey have?

“With the way the family is talking about her inheritance, you’d think she was a millionaire’s daughter.”

A fourth responded, “I’m sure he’s back to get his hands on her money.”

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