Coronation Street fans have horrific new theory about Stephen and Audrey

Since he returned to the cobblestones, viewers of Coronation Street have seen Stephen Reid use every resource at his disposal to acquire some cash.

For the past month, Stephen has been busy pleading with his mother to approve a trust fund.

Even though he portrays himself as a wealthy and successful businessman, it is clear that he is having financial difficulties.

When Stephen attempted to pay for Audrey’s birthday afternoon tea recently, his card was rejected.

He used his wife’s debit card to pay for the event, it was subsequently discovered.

Fans have a fresh idea that suggests Stephen may be planning to rob Audrey of everything she owns in addition to his wife, who might not be the only person he intends to take from.

Fans of Corrie have a terrible theory.
Stephen has been attempting to play the role of a selfless hero ever since he saved his mother from being run over by a motorcycle in Trim Up North.

Sarah has even received insightful guidance from him on how to launch her own line of intimate apparel.

Fans are already speculating that he may steal money from his own, cherished mother and leg it, so all is not as it seems.

According to one fan, they already know how the plot will end: “I have a feeling that Audrey’s son Stephen is going to bleed her dry. He’s going to steal all of her money and flee to the United States. Though I could be mistaken, I’m just saying.

Stephen is capable of killing his entire family if it means getting Audrey’s money, according to one person who even suggested that he might kill to get what he wants.

If obtaining Audrey’s money meant killing his entire family, Stephen would be capable of doing so.

— Michelle Jones, August 31, 2022, via @MeeshyJay

I have a hunch that Audrey’s son Stephen will bleed her dry, steal all of her money, and flee back to the United States. I could be mistaken, but #corrie seems to be the case.

— Barbara on September 1, 2022 (@Barbara48361606)

Stephen could always drive Audrey to the canal, help her along Richard Hillman style#Corrie

August 31, 2022 — David Boink (@DavidBoink)

Stephen could always drive Audrey to the canal and assist her there, in the manner of Richard Hillman, according to a third viewer.

Another tweeter made light of the situation by joking that Stephen could try to con Audrey out of her money.

Finally, one supporter believed that Stephen would take advantage of his mother’s vulnerability to obtain money by attempting to argue in court that Audrey’s poor mental health was to blame.

How far will Stephen go to get money in his pockets?

What will Stephen do next?

According to teasers for the upcoming episode of Coronation Street, Stephen’s financial problems will grow even worse when his wife Gabrielle shows up and demands that he pay back the €200,000 that he stole from her.

Stephen urgently needs a plan for raising the money!

He goes to sign the trust money himself after learning at the salon reopening that Audrey no longer wants to sign it, imitating his mother’s handwriting.

But just as he begins to believe that his strategy is working, Audrey enters with the trust fund documents.

What will Audrey do?

Will Stephen adopt a more radical strategy?

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