Coronation Street fans gush over Sam’s new look as character returns

Fans of Coronation Street were ecstatic to see Sam Blakeman return to the show.

Jude Riordan, who plays Sam, has long been a fan favorite due to his charming nature and mischievous demeanor outside of the program. The 11-year-old took a break from the cobblestones to finish his SATs and take a well-earned summer vacation from school.

Fans were thrilled to see the St. Helen’s actor’s new scenes earlier than anticipated after he recently confirmed he will be returning to the program.

As viewers watched the protagonist get ready for his first day of high school, replete with a brand-new uniform, Sam received a deluge of supportive notes.

Emoticons with hearts were used in several comments, one of which read: “Sam is back!

Welcome back, Sam, and good luck with your first day at your new high school, said another.

Another viewer added: “KLAXON, SAM IS BACK!

“Yay Sam is back,” a final supporter exclaimed.

Sam made his way to school while viewers watched, but not before sneaking away to post a cryptic letter. He appeared worried the entire way, prompting some to suppose drama for the youngster is about to ensue, even though it was never made clear to whom it was sent or what its contents were.

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