Coronation Street fans gasp as character is ‘killed’ off-screen in chilling scenes

On Wednesday, April 12, viewers of Coronation Street were left in shock as a character appeared to have been killed off-screen.

Stephen, a serial killer who has previously killed two people, is reportedly planning to murder again on the cobblestones.

And on the most recent episode of the soap opera, Stephen looks to have killed once again after the cast hinted another horrific death, albeit viewers did not get to see it.

As viewers are aware, Stephen is the target of extortion by shady businessman Rufus, who is aware that Stephen LSD-addled Carla.

And in the most recent episode, Rufus was sipping on a cocktail at a posh house when the door unexpectedly swung open.

He went to open the door and appeared startled to see who was on the other side before disappearing a short while later.

Then viewers saw Michael Bailey go to his house, but no one answered, likely confirming that Rufus had passed away.

It didn’t take long for viewers to express their shock at the alleged murder, with one commenting: “It’s so apparent that Stephen has killed Rufus, or probably has. When will it ever end? Now there are 3 victims.

“Stephen has obviously paid Rufus a visit, and Michael could find a body!” a second person remarked.

What if they got into a fight and Rufus killed Stephen? wondered someone else.

A fourth individual on Twitter declared, “Looks like Stephen may have claimed his 3rd victim and that now makes him an official Corrie serial killer!”

Earlier in the episode, Michael ordered Stephen to “stick it” and revealed he was headed to work with Rufus in London because he realized he deserved better than his current position working for Stephen at the factory.

And the businessman wasn’t there when he showed up at Rufus’ house for a meeting.

He appeared perplexed by the loud music playing inside as he knocked, so he was compelled to leave a voicemail.

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