Coronation Street fans fume as they accuse ITV soap of ‘rehashing’ 90s storyline

Viewers of Coronation Street have accused the ITV soap of “rehashing” a plot from the 1990s.

As Aadi Alahan and Kelly Neelan come to terms with their actual affections for one another, viewers of the soap opera have been paying close attention.

At first, the two were just friends, but things quickly heated up when they claimed to be engaged in order to enter a contest called Win A Dream Wedding that included a trip overseas.

After learning that they needed to participate in a Mr. and Mrs. quiz to be eligible for the tournament, the teenagers began getting to know one another well.

Soon after admitting they had never had a sexual relationship, the young couple exchanged a kiss that unmistakably led to more.

But now that they are in love, Aadi and Kelly not only have plans to stay together but also to travel to Gretna Green to secretly wed without their families’ knowledge.

However, astute spectators immediately saw a striking similarity because they had already witnessed another Weatherfield couple elope.

Another recycled plotline, Kelly and Aadi traveling to Gretna Green like Nick and Leanne did years ago, complained one admirer.

“Didn’t Nick and Leanne run off to Gretna Green many years ago,” another Facebook user wrote.

I recall Nick and Leanne going on an elopement to Gretna Green, and look how it turned out, a third person said.

“Wonder if they will stay in the same spot were Nick and Leanne was when they got married in Scotland,” a fourth person remarked.

A fifth said: “Nick & Lianne did that!” was the first thing they told their hubby.

Sixth person defended the show, as they stated: “Is the plot a recycled one from years ago? Perhaps that is a common theme in real life. Gretna Green is where people travel to get married.”

Soon after Leanne moved into 5 Coronation Street in 1997 with the hell-raising Battersby family, she quickly fell in love with Nick Tilsley. The troubled teen then quickly fled to Scotland with her new partner.

But as soon as Nick made Leanne have an abortion, their marriage broke down, and Leanne’s life started to spiral out of control.

a romantic To continue their act of pretending to be engaged, Aadi gave Kelly his late mother’s ring.

After Dev saw them cuddling on the couch, they decided to tell their family the news they had been keeping a secret.

They quickly abandon their plan to inform Kelly’s guardians Gary and Maria Windass and Aadi’s father Dev, though.

That is, until Maria barged into the establishment after spotting them on the front page of the Gazette. A stunned Maria exposed the couple’s engagement to an equally astonished and disapproving Dev and Gary by brandishing her phone.

Aadi returned home to talk to Dev after their supper was a complete failure, but when he tried to grab Dev, it went awry, and his father gave him a bloody nose instead. The adolescent then stormed out, saying he wouldn’t return, and went to see Kelly.

And soon after, the couple devised a plot to elope. They left for Gretna Green to get married in secret from their relatives. Because of the announcement that Kelly actress Millie Gibson is quitting the serial opera, Corrie viewers are already dreading the worst for the couple.

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