Coronation Street fans floored as Phill star shows off real accent in sweet video

Jamie Kenna, a star of Coronation Street, astounded viewers with his authentic accent.

Just over a year has passed since the actor began as Phill Whittaker in the storied ITV soap opera.

He is currently at the center of a significant plot involving Tyrone Dobbs and fan favorites Fiz Stape (Jennie McApline) and Fiz Stape (Alan Halsall).

A few weeks after Phill and Fiz’s wedding, the beautiful bride had second thoughts and ran back to her ex-husband Tyrone.

On Wednesday, July 13, Jamie signed into his official Instagram account to share a video thanking followers for their support thus far.

“All the best for the day. I hope you are all doing well “He began.

“I’m just sitting in the garden having a cup of coffee after my gym session, or am I just dressed in my gym kit having a cup of coffee and i’m not going to bother going to the gym, I guess you’ll never know, anyhow I just want to jump on here because I’ve finally had the chance to catch up on all the wedding stuff because I was away so I binge-watched it last night and I just wanted to say a massive, massive thank you to everyone

Jamie went on: “I’ve received a ton of messages, and so many people have expressed their support and sympathy for Phill, saying that he’s been treated unfairly, and I’m truly moved and touched by that.

“I was quite moved and touched by all of your remarks, and don’t think that we as the performers don’t get effected by them because I assumed everyone would be like, “Thank goodness for that, Tyrone and Fiz are back together.”

We just wanted to thank you everybody and tell you to keep watching because it gets really exciting since we enjoy feedback.

The bulk of his followers congratulated him on his most recent work in the comment section, while some were astounded by his true accent.

One of Jamie’s supporters wrote: “It’s been incredible. I’m taken aback by your accent! Bravo for such a compelling narrative x”

“Awww you are so sweet, didn’t expect the accent,” a further perplexed social media user chimed in.

“Love watching you on Corrie (still highly surprised by your northern accent),” wrote a third poster.

A fourth person stated: “You’re from the South, oh my! fantastic accent”

According to Corrie spoilers, Phill ruins Fix’s chances of getting married next week by interfering with her reconciliation with Tyrone.

Fiz is desperate to conceal Phill from finding out about their reunion so that he can agree to an annulment without making a scene.

Tyrone (Alan Halsall) has even been instructed by her to violate Phill’s confidence and attempt to convince him that their marriage has already ended.

Fiz’s strategy, however, will fail when Phill interrupts her therapy appointment with Tyrone the next week.

Followers must wait to witness Phill’s response to the news.

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