Coronation Street fans floored as Jack’s real age revealed during academic milestone

When Jack Webster’s father Kevin stated that it was his last day of primary school, Coronation Street was shocked to discover of his true age.

ITV viewers got to see the adored mechanic in action on Wednesday (July 26), as he got ready for Abi Franklin to return with her new baby Alfie.

The young student, dressed in his bright red uniform, was observed eating cereal at the dinner table while he prepared the family home for the social worker’s visit.

However, it seems as though his adolescent emotions are already out of control because he did not welcome the caregiver at the door and stormed out of the house after his adoring father gushed about his academic achievement.

While Jack is portrayed as being just 11 years old, actor Kyran Bowes is actually 15 years old and has already completed his first year of high school.

In 2016, the adolescent took over the role of Jack Webster from twins Jaxon and Maddox Beswick.

Fans flocked to Twitter during the morning scene to express their opinions about the recent development.

One person wrote: “Why does Kev let Jack treating him that way? He should be in his final year of elementary school. Y6! He appears to be around sixteen! #corrie.”

“Did I just hear properly Jack Webster is just 11 @itvcorrie I’m sure he’s about 14 #corrie,” a second person said in agreement.

Another wrote: “Is it really Jack’s last day at primary school, surely? #Corrie.”
One admirer of the episode remarked, “Jack has got to be the oldest looking primary school kid I’ve ever seen #corrie.”

While one laughed: “Jack makes me think of that Brandon Lee guy in his 30s who pretended to be a schoolboy. #corrie.”

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