Coronation Street fans fear Carla Connor has sealed her own fate with costly mistake

Fans of Coronation Street are worried that Carla Connor placed herself in danger by making a “stupid” error.

Even though he is a multi-millionaire, the factory owner, played by 49-year-old Alison King, hired the killer Stephen Reid to work for Underworld.

Leo Thompkins was knocked from the factory balcony by the villain, played by Todd Boyce, and now viewers believe Carla could be next.

One fan tweeted, “Do they not think it’s funny that billionaire businessman Stephen is now the factory dogsbody? “, perplexed as to why Weatherfield residents didn’t ask why Stephen would seek the position at Underworld.

One more wrote: “Stephen is permitted to begin working despite having no interview or references, so how is Sally permitted to demonstrate him the entire computer system? Carla manages things quite carelessly.”

Third person wondered, “Would Carla really be that foolish and put Stephen in charge of the factory, what’s happened to her? “

Some viewers fear that after gaining access to the accounts, Stephen would flee with Carla’s money or, worse yet, commit another murder.

One thought: “Stephen might murder Carla. It’s possible that he did.”

Another said that “Stephen will be robbing the underworld accounts in no time” if he gains access to their accounts.

In the episode airing on Wednesday, Carla hired Stephen after his niece Sarah left to start her own company with Michael.

When Sarah went back to ask for her job back, she was surprised to learn that her uncle had been hired to take her place.

Stephen assured Sarah that she shouldn’t worry and promised to find her contacts and a place to rent, but the fans aren’t buying it.

Initially, they believed that the villain would kill his mother Audrey Roberts in order to steal her money or Gail Platt, who has complained that he is not as financially stable as he seems to be.

However, it appears that Carla is now in danger.

As Teddy’s destiny is exposed on Coronation Street in the new year, Stephen’s web of lies returns to haunt him.

Stephen killed Teddy’s kid Leo after realizing the con artist was attempting to rob his own mother Audrey. Leo was shoved to his death during a fight on the roof, and Stephen covered the body.

Stephen attempted to make it appear as though Leo had traveled to Canada while making sure his tracks were hidden.

He suffers a setback, though, when Teddy begins to improve following a bizarre accident at Christmas.

Teddy is unconscious when Stephen visits him in the hospital, but as soon as Teddy opens his eyes, Stephen’s fate could already be decided.

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