Coronation Street fans distracted as they spot Kelly wardrobe blunder amid kidnap horror

Viewers of Coronation Street were diverted because Kelly didn’t look like she belonged in her surroundings.

The iconic ITV soap opera’s episode from Wednesday night showed Kelly being held captive and bound in a filthy room.

Two of her late father’s shady clients abducted the youngster and demanded Gary Windass pay £50,000 to release her.

Despite being kept in the room for several days, Kelly appeared to be “immaculate” in the sequences, which caused some viewers to become slightly distracted.

Fans quickly pointed out the continuity mistake on social media, with one writing: “For someone who has been in that room for a few days, she is rather well-groomed and tidy. By now, you must be smelling! #Corrie.”

“Got to hand it to Kelly though – off her face on drugs? flawless fake eyelashes. Being kidnapped and desperate to urinate? Corrie looks flawless in fake eyelashes.

Considering how she’s been rolling around the floor, that top is really tidy. Another astute spectator observed, “Very clean dungeons on #Corrie.

Fourth person commented, “All that grime on her face and Kelly’s makeup still looks beautiful. Is it inked on or what? # Corrie

Kelly, portrayed by Millie Gibson, decided to continue using her dad, Rick Neelanshady ,’s funds last week to reimburse his clients.

However, things took a sinister turn when Kelly was kidnapped by her criminal dad’s old friends, who sought a $50,000 ransom.

Mikey North’s character Gary continued to look into her whereabouts and eventually got in touch with the abductors.

Gary, who only had £24,000, took a chance and confronted Kelly’s captors in the hopes that they would release her unharmed.

Gary tried to save Kelly despite the kidnappers rejecting his offer, but one of the men knocked him out.

When he first got up, he assaulted the abductor, but Kelly had to save him by hitting the man in the head with a crowbar and knocking him out.

Gary begged Kelly to hand him the crowbar, implying he was intending to kill him before the two managed to flee.

After her father passed away, Kelly begged Gary to not do it and subsequently sobbed to him, telling him that he was all she had left.

The teen is not aware that Gary actually accidentally killed her father back in 2019.

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