Coronation Street fans demand huge cast cull – and these characters are at the top of their list

Fans of Coronation Street haven’t been too happy lately; some of them are becoming sick of particular Street inhabitants and are begging for a cast change.

They want to change up the cast and put an end to some of the grating storylines.

Fans of Coronation Street have recently called for a significant cast purge, and these individuals are at the top of their list.

Fans of Coronation Street want to update the show.

Some Coronation Street viewers have grown weary of current plotlines and particular characters.

They want to modernize the soap and get rid of characters who are no longer relevant.

Fans have been seeking narratives that place a greater emphasis on humor and community than on serial killings and affairs.

Fans have called for a cast cull on social media in order to revive the serial opera.

Fans are now pleading with the drama to have a cast purge, and they want Beth, Kirk, Billy, Sean, Chesney, and Stephen to go.

“Sean,” one supporter yelled. Change his personality, improve the plot, or get rid of him. How about him getting used to his son living with him now? More time with his child, a reduction in his sarcasm, or expulsion might be appropriate.

Get rid of the characters that don’t contribute anything, another fan said. No more should be added. Use the established characters.

“Beth, Kirk, Sean, and Chesney are my top four for immediate exits,” said a third viewer.

Another person chimed in, “Get rid of Stephen, Jenny, Daisy, Sean, Summer, Gemma, and Chesney.” Another supporter echoed the sentiment that Stephen should depart, but insisted that he must go to prison rather than be eliminated.

Another person named the people they wish to get away from as being Yasmeen (a sanctimonious hypocrite who enjoys playing the victim), Beth (a horrible person), and Billy (a sanctimonious hypocrite).

Street inhabitants Max, Ed, and Michael are more characters that supporters wish to be eliminated.

Half of the cast would be cut from the show if these fans got their way.

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