Coronation Street fans demand character is axed over ‘dragged-out storyline’

Fans of Coronation Street are requesting that a character be killed off due to a dragged-out storyline. Stephen Reid is the next serial killer on the ITV series, but he’s becoming controversial.

Stephen, who had returned to the cobbles in June, was first slain in September when Leo Thompkins met a sticky end. He then murdered Leo’s father, Teddy.

He also murdered businessman Rufus earlier this year. Throughout, he has been planning further murders, including one involving his ex-wife, Elaine Jones.

Fans believe Stephen should have been apprehended by now, given the extent he has gone to. In fact, they are so sick of the plot that they want it to die along with Stephen.

“Gosh, have they dragged this story out; in terms of serial killers, he’s been the most unbelievable,” one admirer said. It is improbable that nobody has realized Leo and Teddy have disappeared off the face of the planet.

Coronation Street fans want Stephen Reid axed

“Yes, they might have been the only family they had, but they had to have had a home, a job, and a place to live. The idea that one of their friends, neighbors, or coworkers wouldn’t have reported Teddy missing is absurd.

“It will be interesting to observe how Audrey handles her beloved Stephen. Will this tale ever come to an end?

Another person responded, “I hated him to begin with, but it’s carried on so long, gotten so fanciful, and, if possible, his acting has gotten even worse so I absolutely agree with you. He is TERRIFYING, but it’s hilarious!”

“Please end this right away,” a third person pleaded. Another roared, “Until this plotline is over, Todd departs, and MacLeod is fired, Corrie will remain a farce.

If it ever happens, there is a method to bring this soap opera back on track after that. “Please Corrie get rid of Stephen, it’s ridiculous now,” another person chimed in. #Corrie.”

Another admirer exclaimed, “Someone! Anyone! For the love of God, get Stephen out of here! #Corrie.”

Fans, however, should not be concerned because they will not have to wait long. “Bad guys always get their comeuppance in the end, don’t they?” joked Corrie head Iain Macleod recently. So, sure, 100%.”

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