Coronation Street fans convinced Daisy broke soap’s golden rule during rant to Jenny – but did you spot it?

Daisy Midgeley allegedly dropped the F bomb at the Rovers Return, according to CORONATION Street viewers.

During Wednesday’s episode of the ITV soap, many believe they heard the barmaid swear.

Daisy told Jenny she couldn’t hear Grace and Michael’s chat since she was busy working after their terrible breakup.

Daisy answered, “I don’t know do I…,” when Jenny questioned what had happened. I’m simply pissed at myself because I was too preoccupied with f***ing work to hear what was going on.”

Daisy’s dialogue was questioned on Twitter by fans.

“Was it just me or did Daisy say the F word in Corrie?” one person wondered.

“Loving Corrie dropping the F-bomb like a true pub,” another wrote.

“Did Daisy mention to Jennie during their debate behind the bar, ‘I was too busy fin’ working?!! Is that the first time you’ve said f on Corrie?”

Daisy claimed she missed out on the Grace and Michael drama because she was too busy “flipping working.”

In The Rovers Return, Michael finally ended his on-again, off-again relationship with Grace.

Despite agreeing to start a business together, Michael changed his mind and told Grace that he doesn’t see a future for the two of them.

“I don’t believe it’s a good idea… us… working together,” he revealed.

Grace was taken aback and exclaimed, “Where did this come from?” You were alright with it the day before.”

“What else aren’t you telling me?” he continued.

“I don’t think this, us, I don’t believe that’s working either,” Michael admitted.

“I mean, I really care about you, and I want you and Glory to be a part of my life.”

“However… I don’t love you.”

Grace stormed out of the pub after hurling a drink at Michael.

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