Coronation Street fans call out plot hole as Stephen steals Leo’s belongings

The fact that Stephen entered the Rovers and took Leo’s belongings in last night’s episode of Coronation Street has been criticized by viewers as a plot hole (Wednesday, September 28 2022).

Leo Thompkins was killed by Stephen Reid earlier this week as he was planning to steal from Audrey.

Fans caught a plot hole as Stephen attempted to hide his tracks, though.

Coronation Street: Stephen kills Leo

Leo began to wonder if something was wrong when he saw Stephen dozing off in his car.

He started looking into it and was surprised to discover that Stephen had secretly attempted to have Audrey’s home valued.

Leo wasn’t persuaded despite Stephen’s best efforts to argue that it was a mistake.

As soon as Leo learned that Stephen had kissed Jenny while they had briefly broken up, he became enraged with him.

Leo followed Stephen and spoke with the estate agent he had hired to appraise Audrey’s house.

He overheard a conversation between Stephen and his wife Gabrielle and learned that Stephen owed her a sizable sum of money and intended to repay her using the equity in his mother’s home.

Leo questioned Stephen about his intentions.

Leo struck his head on the metal railing during the altercation between the two when they were on the manufacturing gantry before Stephen shoved him over the edge and into a garbage.

Stephen later disposed of Leo’s body after he passed away.

Stephen goes back for Leo’s things

Jenny was concerned about the events from yesterday night when she hadn’t heard from Leo.

As their scheduled departure time for Canada became closer, Daisy began to wonder if Leo had changed his mind about staying with Jenny.

Stephen, meanwhile, snuck into the Rovers’ back room and discovered Leo packing his luggage for Canada.

When Gemma entered the back room, he was almost discovered, but he hid behind a door so that she missed him.

Later, when Jenny and Daisy went back to the bar, Jenny discovered that Leo’s suitcase and passport were missing.

She believed he had left the room without her.

When Daisy questioned Gemma whether she had seen him, she replied that she had been run off her feet and that he might have entered while she was preoccupied.

However, many questioned how he entered the Rovers backroom undetected and said Gemma could have seen him lurking.

And Gemma didn’t see Stephen behind the door 😂😂 do they think we are daft? #Corrie

— MIKE (@mikepriestley13) September 28, 2022

#Corrie so Gemma didn’t see Stephen 😂😂

— Ben Church (@ChurchieBoy1986) September 28, 2022

Why wasn’t there one single person in The Rovers when Stephen went into the back to steal Leo’s passport and suitcase? #Corrie

— Lara Ingham (@lara_305) September 28, 2022

Somehow Stephen will get in the back room of the rovers and take Leo luggage without being seen in a busy pub 🙄 #Corrie

— MIKE (@mikepriestley13) September 28, 2022

Get Stephen a job with Mi5 immediately! Kills someone in broad daylight, drags a body into the back of van without anyone hearing him and sneaks into a back room of a pub to take deadman’s belongings and all without being seen #corrie

— ~❀𝒦ℯ𝓁𝓁𝓎❀~🌸 (@kellymew_) September 28, 2022

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